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Are Inflatable Pools Recyclable & How to Recycle Them

Inflatable products proved that they are useful in our lives and quality of life. Take as an illustration those inflatable pools, as well as the pool toys that go with them. No need to travel to the beach or resort during summer. Just pump some air, fill up with water, and enjoy the sunny day that you couldn’t have all year long. You’ve saved a penny. Avoided the traffic. There is even more privacy. But sometimes it is inevitable to ask after these conveniences and advantages: At what cost?

We’re aware of the pollution that comes from plastic or synthetic polymers. Think about when summer is over, when you are down with inflatable pools & pool toys. If you just throw them away and that will definitely cause very serious environmental pollution. So there is a question come up: Are Inflatable Pool & Pool Toys Recyclable ?

Are Inflatable Pools & Pool Toys Recyclable ?

First we can have you the answer here:
Yes, Inflatable Pools & Pool Toys are recyclable, but very difficult.

As we know Inflatable pool & pool toys are made of PVC ( Polyvinyl Chloride) material which is known as plastic number 3. It couldn’t be accepted for many recycling facilities. But in fact there is indeed a recycling facilities that can accept the recycling of PVC, just because it’s not too much and very hard to find one.

How to recycle Inflatable Pools & Pool Toys

Even though inflatable pools and toys are usually made of PVC, they could still be recycled. the best and healthiest option that we have is to send these products to recycling facilities that specialize in polyvinyl chloride. These facilities accept or collect materials like inflatable pool toys that are made with PVC and transform them into another pools, phone cases, backpacks, indoor slippers, snow tubes, trays, bedroom toys, and a lot more that are complicated for us to make without proper equipment and materials.

However as i mentioned above that it’s very hard or not very convenient to find that place.

Luckly there are other options besides that way above. let’s continue

Fix the Repairable Damage

More often than not, we dispose of our inflatable pools because they have sprung a leak, and our pool toys because they no longer float. However, if the damage is not that huge, we can probably patch it up, then bring it back to our yards. You simply need to identify the precise spot where the cut, puncture, or abrasion occurred. Start by filling the inflatable with water. Afterward, look to see where bubbles or water are exiting. After finding and marking that spot, you can drain the water and then dry the inflatable. Fill it with air and tape over the hole to keep the air inside. To reinforce the first layer, you can add some super glue to the top of the tape before taking another strip of duct tape or other sturdy material that is enough to cover the first patch. This post “How to Find & Patch Hole in Inflatable Pool” may have you the help.

Transform Them for Other Uses

Our damaged pool toys could just be displayed in our yard or garden for extra ornamental purposes. And after probably a minor magic, we can convert our inflatable pools into pools for our pets, like ducks. We just don’t want to set the pool on the ground. Otherwise, our pets could easily shatter it. So, we need just to excavate the soil that will fit the size of our inflatables. If not pet pools, then a bathing place for pets. If we don’t have pets, how about water storage outdoors?

Recycle Old Inflatables Into a Patch Material

Never buy patching materials that are also made of PVC because that does harm before it can do good. You are just multiplying the dilemma that forced us to be immersed in recycling. It will also imply that you only recycle for creative purposes, not for practical and environmental reasons. However, by reducing them to sheets or strips, old inflatable pools and toys could be converted into patching materials. Use this instead to cover the holes or leaks of your pools and toys. Killing two birds with one stone!

Donate Or Send Them to Others

When we are discarding our still-functional-and-efficient inflatable pools or pool toys, because they are now old or our kids are now grown-up, or we don’t need it anymore at present. If you do not have the means and energy to upcycle these polyvinyl chloride products, you may contact a friend or a neighbor who may take the task. You may post them online, such as on Facebook, hoping that someone will rescue and recycle them into something useful. You might even get paid for your used inflatables!


Inflatable Pools & Pool Toys greatly enriched our summer life. It’s should be welcomed by our life. They are recyclable but the recycle difficulty is hard. So we should be careful if you plan to handle them. Take the ways above into consideration. You can enjoy your summer life with them, and at the same time don’t bring any pollution to our environment.

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