Hello, This is Mandy Zhen

The CEO of Ningbo Wonderful Industry Corporation

When i was a child, swimming is my favorite sports. There is a big outdoor swimming pool near my house, when the summer is coming, i often go there, and my dad bought many different pool floats for me. Many years later, when i graduated from college, i got a job of international trading. And the products is Inflatable Toys, including all kinds of inflatable pool floats. That help me to get deeply understand this industrial.

In 2014, i build a factory with my husband. Then Ningbo Wonderful Industry Corporation Founded. Which focus on the production of all kinds of inflatables. Including Pool Floats, Inflatable Toys, Snow Tube, Christams Inflatable, Part Inflatables, Inflatable Furniture and so on.

With many years developments, we soon becomming a leading OEM factory & suppliers for many famous brands on the world. “Keep Good Quality, Competitive Price & Safety for Customers” is always in my heart.

At present, our business is getting more & more bigger. and we will use our products & services to help more people to have a wonderful life.