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A Ultimate Guide for Inflatable Christmas

Don’t you have enough time to decorate your home for the Christmas holidays because of your busy work schedule? So are you going to spend Christmas without decorations? A big No. It’s never a great idea. Christmas is about festivity and blessing – decorations make it even more enjoyable and fulfilling. All you want is a considerable alternative to Christmas decorations. What could that be? How about inflatable Christmas decorations? Christmas inflatable decoration will perfectly get the job done.

Inflatable decorations don’t only look fun and cool but also can be used for the long run if cared for properly. Do you know how to select inflatable decorations and how to set them up? It might seem challenging but it’s not. Stick by us and get to know everything about Christmas Inflatables.

How Does Inflatable Christmas Decorations Work ?

Well, inflatable decorations work quite simply. It’s not rocket science to set up such decorations. You just need to be a little careful while setting them up. It might be daunting to set up inflatable decorations for the first time but you’ll get used to it after doing it once or twice. All you need to do is follow a few steps and your inflatable Christmas decorations are all set.

  • Unwrap your decoration carefully so that no part gets damaged.
  • Place the decoration on a clean flat surface. Make sure no pointed or sharp things on the ground that can make holes in the decoration material.
  • Now spread the inflatable decoration. Make sure no fabric is sucking in the built-in fan otherwise, the fabric can get ruined making the decoration useless.
  • After that, adjust the stakes to settle the inflatable so that it doesn’t move away while inflating it.
  • Plug in the inflatable and start the built-in fan to fill the air inside the inflatable. Also, make sure there’s not even a single hole or spot to release the air from.
  • Keep the inflatable plunged in to stay filled up. Now your decoration is all set to welcome your friends and family on Christmas

How to Choose Christmas Inflatables ?

Now you know how to set up the inflatable christmas decorations but you can end up regretting buying an inflatable without keeping a few things in mind. Following are the things you should never overlook while choosing the right inflatables.


How long can your inflatable go with cheap material? Not long enough, for sure. If you want to make your investment worthwhile, the first thing you need to consider is durability and resilience. Durable material won’t get torn apart even after using it for years and you can use the inflatable decoration forever. So, don’t go for cheap quality decoration.


Are you going to keep the inflatable in the backyard or do you prefer keeping it inside of the house? Whether the case is, you have to think about your demand before buying an inflatable. If you’re going to place it in the backyard, you should go for a huge Santa or Christmas tree. It’s always a great idea to consider the size of the inflatable.


Is your inflatable touching any sharp branch? Is the electricity source near your inflatable decoration? Which place would be great for keeping inflatable? Check out above mentioned boxes before staking your decoration in place. Make sure that there’s no branch hanging near the inflatable. Additionally, it’s important to have an electrical switch near to inflate the description anytime.

How Long Do Inflatable Christmas Decorations Last ?

A durable inflatable decoration can last for more than 14-16 hours but it’s recommended to unplug it after 8-10 hours. This way you can improve the overall health of the motor which helps in using the decoration for every Christmas. Besides, good care and attention to the decorations will keep them alive for years.

Are Inflatable Christmas Decorations Waterproof ?

The simple answer is Yes. Nowadays, there’s a wide variety of inflatable christmas decorations, most of them are made of durable waterproof nylon material which makes them handle light rain. Not only rain, but such decorations can perfectly tolerate light snowy weather as well. Also, it’s recommended to deflate the decoration under heavy rain or storm since it might damage the fabric and blower motor as well.

How To Clean Inflatable Christmas Decorations?

Before putting the inflatable away and storing it, it’s necessary to clean it. You don’t need to do much to clean it. We are going to mention a few ways to clean inflatables, you can go with what suits you the most.

Soap and Water

Take a soft fibers towel and dip it in dish soap water. Now remove excess water by squeezing it. Clean the surface of the decoration material by wiping down the damp towel. Don’t scrub the surface too much as it might ruin the fabric of the decoration. Careful and regular cleaning will allow your decoration to last forever

Disinfectant Wipes

If you want something ready-made to clean decorations, then disinfectant wipes can be ideal for this purpose. Buy some disinfectant wipes next time you go to the grocery. Remove the wipes from the wrapping and start wiping them down through the decoration. Disinfectant wipes will remove all the bacteria and keep your decoration protected from molding.

Vinegar Solution Cleaners

Don’t want to spend extra bucks on disinfectant wipes or cleaners? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. You can make an effective cleaner at home. Take a pinch of baking soda and mix it with white vinegar, half a tablespoon of olive oil, and fresh lemon juice. Now scrub the decoration with this solution by using a soft cloth or towel. After that, carefully rinse the material with water and place it in the open air for 20-25 minutes to dry completely.

How To Store Inflatable Christmas Decorations?

Don’t even think of throwing your decoration in the storage area, if you don’t want to spend more money for the next Christmas holidays. Carefully read the following steps to store inflatable christmas decorations

  • After cleaning the decoration, fold the inflatable in an organized way. Keep electrical cords unchanged while winding them up.
  • Take a huge plastic bag with an air-tight lid or zipper, and put the folded destination inside it.
  • You can also consider hefty containers or cartons to store the decorations. Make sure that every corner is sealed otherwise bacteria and insects can grow family inside.
  • Make sure to keep the stored decoration away from children. Otherwise, you’ll find them open up laying on the ground with few holes in the fabric.
  • If you do find any hole or torn spot, try to fix it by using thick duct tape or simply sewing it with thread.
  • Furthermore, the decoration should be dry before storing it otherwise bacteria and debris can grow on the fabric.

Where to Buy Inflatable Christmas

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