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How to Blow Up a Beach Ball

Beach balls are a great accessory for any pool or beach day. But all your fun can ruin if you find your beach ball does not have enough air in it. Oh! What should you do at that moment?

How do you inflate a beach ball? In this article, we’ll show you different steps involved in inflating your next sand castle! Just follow our steps on how to blow up a beach ball to again start the fun with your buddies. Because it’s time to blow up a beach ball! Just read on.

Take Long Breath Before Starting
Beach balls are a great accessory for any pool or beach day. They’re fun, and they’ll make your friends laugh when they see you blow one up to the size of a basketball.

The first step in blowing up a beach ball is to make sure that you have all of the materials needed: a box of matches (or some other kind of fire source), sandpaper, and something else to hold onto while holding the ball (such as your arms). Once these all things are in place, it’s time for action!

Use Different Options to Blow up a Beach Ball

There are a lot of ways to get air in a beach ball. The simplest is through the mouth and expensive is through the electric pump, but there are other options as well, such as using a gas compressor. Let’s explore some prominent options in detail that you can utilize too in your next trip

Option 1: Place Your Mouth on the Valve of the Ball

The first option is simple and inexpensive. Here is how: If you have access to straw, this is probably the easiest way to blow up a beach ball. Just insert it into the small hole and suck!

If you don’t have access to straw, then use the valve, which is located at one end of the beach ball. You can use your mouth or fingers to press down on this valve until it pops open, allowing air inside and causing it to expand outward like an inflated balloon—just be careful not to overdo it because blowing up something too quickly may cause it to explode in your face (and also probably makes people think you’re crazy).

Option 2: Use of Hand Pump

Another option to blow up a beach ball is a hand pump. Hand pumps are portable, so you can take them anywhere. They’re also inexpensive and easy to use. And, unlike airbags and other types of inflatable toys that make noise when they deflate, hand pumps don’t make much noise at all—so you won’t disturb anyone around you when playing with your new toy!

It is easily available in sports stores and marts.

  • Attach the air pump to the ball’s valve.
  • Pumping the ball until its firmness.
  • Remove the pump and enjoy your new inflated beach ball!

Option 3: Use of Electric Pump

If you’re behind in the easiest way to inflate your beach ball, the electric pump is your best bet. They can be used not only in beach balls but on most surfaces and are incredibly convenient. You can use them to inflate other things as well—like balloons, air mattresses, and even basketballs!

If you have an electric pump with a gauge (like this one), then it’s easy to know when the right amount of air has been added in the beach ball so that your ball will float upright until it’s filled with water.

Option 4: Use of Gas Powered Compressor

A gas-powered compressor can be used to blow up a beach ball, but it’s not the best option. The reason is that they’re loud and heavy, which makes them not ideal for portable use.

The next step up from a gas-powered compressor is an electric one—but they’re expensive and require electricity (which you might not have). If you live near an outlet where your electric company provides high-quality power, then this might be your best bet!

But if there are no outlets nearby or if your house isn’t wired with good wiring—and even if it were—you’ll still need to find somewhere safe enough for both yourself and your friend(s) who wants to participate in blowing up something with air pressure rather than explosives.


Stop blowing into the Large Ball when it’s about ¾ full and Release Excess Air in all Options
Blow into the valve slowly until the ball begins to fill up. Don’t rush it, or you might blow too hard, which could cause the ball to explode in your face.

When you’ve blown as much air into it as possible, and your mouth is full of foam or any other option you are using, pull out your options and let go of the valve so that more air can escape from inside the balloon through an opening at its base called an inflate port. It has no concern with any option you are going to use to blow up a beach ball, you should maintain and balance the air quantity in it.

Don’t over Inflate the Ball to Avoid Damage
If necessary, use a pump to finish inflating the beach ball. Don’t over inflate it because this can damage it.

When you’re done, your beach ball should be fully inflated and ready for play!

If you need to deflate your beach ball, simply remove the plug from the valve and let the air out until it’s at your desired firmness. Then replace the plug.

If you have an inflatable beach ball, you’ll need to deflate it manually. Simply pinch the valve and let the air out until it’s at your desired firmness. Then replace the plug.

Note: The point you mind in all options is that you don’t over-inflate your beach ball. If you do, it will explode and make a mess!

Inflating a beach ball is easier than you think
Inflating a beach ball is easier than you think. Here’s how:

Take the beach ball outside, preferably in the sun and on a grassy surface. The more open space and the air around your surroundings, the better!

Blow up your beach ball until it’s about twice as large as before (this should take about 20 seconds). If you don’t have any air in your house right now, no worries—you can easily get some by filling up a balloon with water or using an old car tire inside which has been rolled over by another vehicle (the weight will press down on its sides). You can also buy new balloons at stores like Target or Walmart if needed, but this option isn’t always available depending on where you live, so we recommend trying first before buying anything else!

Where to buy beach ball

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