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How to Blow Up a Pool Float - 7 Ways Make It Easy

When the summer is coming, i think swimming is the best water sports. You might go to the beach or find a swimming pool, you may even buy a inflatable swimming pool in your yard, together with your families or friends, bring some inflatable pool floats, enjoy your summer life. But you may forget something important at that moment, how to Blow Up a Pool Float, did you take the tools already. Maybe you will use your mouth, yes indeed, you can do that. but trust me there are more convenient ways.

At there, we will teach you several ways to blow up your pool floats. Which can make it more easy. And kindly noticed that it’s also workable for other inflatables

All kinds Inflatable Toys
Christmas Inflatables
Snow Tubes
Party Inflatables
Inflatable Pools

We also produced a video tutorial, and it workable for all above products.

To blow up a pool floats, i think the first thing get into our mind is a pump. There are several kinds of pumps that can help you to finish the job

No.1: Use A Electric Pump

Inflating with an electric pump is the fastest way, and it is suitable for large inflatable pools, such as large swimming pools. If it is very small, it only takes a few minutes to complete the inflation. In addition, the electric pump can not only inflate, but also can be used to pump and deflate

No.2: Use A Foot Pump

The foot pump is completely manual, suitable for small pool floats. Even though it’s not as fast as electrical pump, but as the pool float is small, so still only few time to finish it. It should be noted that when using the foot pump to inflate, it should not be too fast or too slow, it is best to use even force.

No.3: Use A Hand Pump

Although the hand pump is very cheap, the inflation efficiency is very low, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. It is only suitable for inflating small inflatable products. If it is an inflatable swimming pool, it takes a long time to fully charge it, so it is not recommended to use it.

However if you don’t have a pump around you at that moment. Below are other several ways to blow up your pool floats without pump

No.4: Use A Shop Vacuum

Shop Vacuum is also a good way to blow up your pool floats if there is one acceptable. But if you just want to blow up your pool floats and then buy a shop vacuum, i think that is no necessary, because a pump is more suitable.

First set shop vacuum on blow, then connect the shop vacuum hose with air inlet valve of inflatable pools. It’s very easy. Just notice to keep a good sealing and then the air can go into inflateable more quickly.

No.5: Use a Hair Dryer

I think every family has a hair dryer. It not only can help us to dry our hair. And right now it can help to below up your pool floats. But when you use it, just be careful about the temperature and keep a cold or normal wind. Hold the hair dryer up to the air inlet valve on the inflatable pool. which is very similar to using shop vacuum.

No.6: Use Air Compressor

Use Air Compressor is also a way to blow up your pool floats. But it not very suggested.

Most of air compressor has different attachment kits, so it can fit with all kinds of requirments. And on that way it’s a good way to blow up pool float. However you should be very careful, because it can make more air pressure in a very short time. Overinflating and damage your pool floats may happened very easy, If there is other choices, better to use other tools to blow up your pool floats.

No.7: Use A Leaf Blower

For many familes, a leaf blower is not often to see. However if you do have one, you can use it to help blow up your pool floats. The process is very simply, just like shop vacuum. Hold the leaf blower up to the air inlet valve on the inflatable floats and then turn it on. Amoung th. But you might need two peoples in the process and then can do the job well.

Above are the 7 ways that can help you to below up your pool float more easy. Different ways has different advantages & disadvantages. And i think there are also many other ways that we not mentioned.

Please remember two things: first when you plan to go out and bring your pool floats, don’t forget to take the tools to blow up your pool floats in advance. second when you buy a pool float, you’d better to require the tools that designed for your pool float, that will be more convenient & safe.

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