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How to Care for Christmas Inflatable

When christmas is coming, you will buy lots of christmas decorations to celebrate. Christmas Inflatables is also one of the popular choice for many of us. Like inflatable santa claus, christmas ornaments inflatable ball, inflatable santa claus christmas house tree with lights & so on. It can bring more happiness to your families.

However it’s only be used during the festival, and when the christmas is over & we may left it in somewhere of your house. If we could learn how to care for them and sure it can keep it’s functions for years.

As the Christmas Inflatable Manufacturer, we write this article based on different points, to help you to learn how to care for Christmas Inflatables.

Ningbo Wonderful Industry Corporation is a professional christmas inflatable manufacturer in china. There are many different designs with amazing factory price.

How to clean Christmas Inflatables

Regular cleaning for Christmas Inflatables can stop mold and mildew from forming. There are Two ways recommended to you

Wipe it with a damp cloth & dish soap.

This way is very simple and everyone can make it. Use damp cloth to wipe the surface of Christmas Inflatables. Meanwhile add some dish soap and very easy to clean most of Dust. By the way if you could use warme water and that will be better. When you finish the cleaning, don’t forget to let them dry completely.

Cleaning with washing machine

You may afraid of this way, because it may damage it. However in fact it’s not. Some Christmas Inflatable is not that fragile. It’s thickness & strength can stand with the pressure from washing machine. So don’t worry. It not only can help you to save your time, It cleans better and faster. Also be noticed that if there is marked from manufacturer that ” Washing Machine Forbidden”, please don’t

How to Dry Out Christmas Inflatables

Actually there are many ways to dry it. But we only suggest to dry it out Naturally.

When you finish the cleaning, please blow it up completely, Put it in a place with good ventilation. Even though there is no extra assistant, it still dries quickly. Also please keep it in mind that don’t use dryer machine. Because christmas inflatable made from PVC material.

How to Store Christmas Inflatables

To help your Christmas Inflatables live longer, how to store it is quiet important.

Be a professional Christmas Inflatable Manufacturer, Winflatable always has a detailed instructions of how to store it. So when you plan to do that work, please remember to read the user manual. Normally you can find it and you just do it step by step.

However if there is no instructions or you just lost it, here we have you a regular way.

Step1: Cleaning It Before you store

Follow the ways above to clean & dry your Christmas Inflatables first. It can greatly stop it from getting mouldy

Step2: Pack them in Roll

Please don’t fold them, the best way is rolling them. Because it not only can offer more space, but also can Minimizes creases and unnecessary breakage.

Step3: Choose suitable container to store it

There are two recommendations. If you still keep the original packing box in hand, that’s better. You just can store it as it’s what look like at first time. But if you lost the original packing box, the better container is Plastic storage bins. It’s very study, waterproof, & stackable. Which can protect Christmas Inflatable from dust, water, mold and pests.

There is a special conditions.

If your Christmas Inflatables has Lights.

It will cause a little trouble but still can be sloved. What you most need is your patient. First you have to untangl string lights carefully. Then find a dry cardboard or a small wooden board, wrap lights around them. That can prevent the lamp wire from tangling well. At last put them in a plastic bag. Meanwhile be aside with other parts. Then next time when you use it again, and you can find them all easily.


Christmas Inflatable has many many different types. the ways we showed is for normal storage. If you can store them based on different kinds, that will be much better. And we think there are still many other better ways. If you will, please share with us.

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