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How to Find & Patch Hole In Inflatable Pool

Dipping in a pool is one of the amazing ways you can keep cool as the temperature rises. Many people stock up inflatable pool and other fun accessories to enhance their pool activities.

But unfortunately, you might inevitably feel bad when these inflatable pools deflates despite its durability.

Do you know that whenever this happens, you don’t have to take a trip to the store to purchase a new one ? Are you aware there are a lot of ways you can find the hole and even patch it? Moreover, these holes can be identified easily and with the right tools, you can patch them.

In this article, you will learn how to easily identify holes in inflatable pool and patch them in the comfort of your home. Of course, this saves you the stress of purchasing a new inflatable pool whenever the one you are using deflates. ( the ways listed below is also workable for pool floats & some inflatable toys )

How to find hole in inflatable pool

Most inflatable pools are prone to tears and punctures. It can be a sad moment for every swimmer to witness their pool losing air because of holes. However, knowing that you and everyone can repair them is such a relief.

There are some techniques you can use to find holes in inflatable pool. Some of these techniques are listed as below:

Option 1: Dipping Technique

One of the amazing and useful ways to find holes in your inflatable pool is to blow it up and submerge it into the pool with water. Then, look for airy bubbles in the inflatable pool.

Option 2: Soapy Water Technique

The first step in this technique is to mix soap and water in a large bucket or container. Mix the solution properly to ensure large bubbles’ formation. Lay your inflatable pool on the ground and spray the soapy water on it. Observe it, the holes areas on the surface of the toy will create soap bubbles.

Although this method usually takes time, it’s one of the best ways to locate holes in your inflatable pools. In addition, if you want to try out this method better, do well to add a little glycerine dish soap. 1 Tbsp glycerine, and 1 gal H²O. It will help in creating larger bubbles, making them easy to appear.

Option 3: Water Filling Technique

The third option on our list is to fill the inflatable pool with water and put it on a dry surface. Observe where moisture appears in the surface and you will easily recognize where the holes are. In addition, squeeze the area of the holes gently to locate them later when you want to patch them. ( kindly noted: this way is not recommended compared with above two ways, and suitable for small pool floats & toys)

Option 4: Paper and Water Technique

This method is similar to the water filling technique except that it involves the use of paper. First, fill the inflatable pool with air; you can place a funnel or something similar to achieve this. After filling it with air, start pouring water into the funnel. Notice where there is a leak in the inflatable pool, and mark the area.

If there is more than one hole, you will also notice them as you pour the water. To find the exact location of the hole, cover the whole inflatable pool with thin newspaper. The water will leak and moisten the newspaper. ( This method is also not the best choice compared with option 1 & 2, and suitable for small pool float & toys )


After locating where the holes are in your inflatble pool, you will need to mark the spots. This is to make the holes easy to identify and patch. So, you can use masking tape, pencil, or crayon to draw a circle in the area of the holes.

How to Patch Inflatable Pool

So, after you locate the hole in your inflatable pool, then you need to patch it. There are step-by-step guides you can follow to seamlessly patch the hole by yourself. Pretty sure you would want to know these guides. Right?

Follow closely.

Thanks to some companies that put repair kits in their products which saves you the stress, should there be an emergency.

First, to patch your inflatable pool, you need to find out what are they made of. The easiest way to do this is to check the product description on the manufacturer’s website or call the customer care service to find out. Most toys are made of plastic, vinyl, or rubber.

When it comes to patching inflatable pool, you need to be meticulous for the holes to be fixed perfectly. These are the procedures involved in patching inflatable pool:

Make sure the area that requires repair is dry.

Every repair kit usually comes with a wipe, use them and clean the area surrounding the hole.
Deflate the toy and smooth it flat; make the hole area face up so the patch will reach all the hole sides.

Continue working from one end to the other simultaneously smoothing your hands over the patch and sticking it down.

After you finish patching the hole area, allow inflatable pool for at least 30 minutes or as required on the kit’s instruction before use it again

Sealant for Hole Repair
If you don’t feel like patching your inflatable pools, there is another method that will work for you. Get a waterproof sealant to repair the holes.

Check what your inflatable pool is made from and get a sealant made specifically for it

Deflate and dry the toy

Use alcohol to clean the hole area

Allow the area to dry

However, know that you have to use sandpaper to roughen some of the surfaces before cleaning it

Put some sealant over the area of the holes, and use your fingers or plastic cards to smoothen the place

Leave the sealant to cure before inflating the toy again.

Repair Kit Selection
In a situation where your inflatable pool didn’t come with a repair kit, you can purchase one. However, it is important to note that not every repair kit works for every type of inflatable pools. Since there are multiple types of material, some kits work on vinyl while some work on rubber toys or other materials.

As stated above, if you are unsure about what your toys are made from, check the manufacturer’s website or contact the customer care line.

So, when purchasing, how exactly can you select the best repair kit?

Check the value of the brand

While you can purchase a cheap brand, it’s better to buy one that will meet your expectations despite the price which may be high. By buying a renowned brand, you can be fairly assured of the quality. This is because renowned brands are keen on preserving their reputation

Explore the description

A good brand will make sure to put a detailed description of their product. So, explore the description and get to see the important features of the brand.

Look Into Customer Review

Look into customer reviews of every product before purchasing. When you review what previous buyers say about a brand or product, you will get to see truthful and unbiased information. Moreso, a product with high ratings has promising value and quality.

Manufacturer Recommendation

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You don’t need to be throwing away your inflatable pools, pool floats & other pool toys whenever they are damaged. You can follow the above steps to easily find the holes and repair them in the comfort of your home

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