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How to Heat an Inflatable Pool

Heat an Inflatable Pool

If you don’t have an inground swimming pool for your summer, an inflatable pool will be a fun and affordable way, you can enjoy the water in your own backyard with your families.

However sometimes you will find that the water may be too cold for comfort, especially not health for you kid. So heating your inflatable pool is very necessary some time. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can choose to heat an inflatable pool. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular methods for heating an inflatable pool.

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Several Ways for Heating Inflatable Pool

swimming inflatable pool for kid

Below we listed several different ways to heat your inflatable pool. So even though it’s a cooler day, you still can enjoy it with your families. In addition, for what way you choose, it depends, there are some factors you have to consider. Such as your Pool Size, your Budget, the amount of sunlight it receives.

Option 1: Using Solar Covers

Using solar cover to heat your inflatable pool is a great choice. It can absorb sunlight and then transfer the heat to water in your pool. So you can see it’s very eco-friendly. Also it can increase temperature as high as 10 degrees Fahrenheit, and help to reduce water waste.


  • Eco-friendly & cost-effective
  • Can reduce water evaporation
  • Easy to use


  • Only effective on sunny days
  • Couldn’t increase higher temperature ( 10 degree Fahrenheit )
  • It’s hard to manage & store solar covers

Option 2: Using Electric Heaters

Using electric heater is a very expensive but effective way. The water will be heated through a heating element inside and then return it to the pool. As the heating power is electricity, the temperature can be raised very quickly.


  • Very effective and reliable
  • The water can be heated very quickly
  • Can maintain a consistent temperature
  • Less effected by weather.


  • Expensive to purchase and operate
  • May require professional installation

Option 3: Using Heat Pumps

Using heat pumps is a very energy-efficient choice for heating your inflatable pool. It can use the heat from air and then transfer it to the water in your pool. Which is also a very commen way.


  • It’s very Energy-efficient
  • It can maintain a consistent temperature
  • It’s more affordable than electric heaters


  • It can take longer to heat the pool than electric heaters
  • May not work as well in cold temperatures
  • It’s expensive to purchase and install

Option 4: Using Immersion Heater

An immersion heater is a small & portable device, It consists of a heating element that is submerged in water, and can be plugged into a regular electrical outlet. Which can be used to heat water


  • It’s very easy to use
  • It’s very convenient & cost-effective


  • The heating is a little slow
  • Limited heating capacity, which are design for small to medium size inflatable pool

Other Options

You also can get hot water from a hose. It’s a easy, fast & cost-effective way. Because the hot water is already heated, which can be used immediately.


As you can see that different ways has different pros & cons. If you get a inflatable pool, take your special condition into consideration & choose the right way for yourself. If you have any other good idea of heating inflatable pool, pls feel free to share with us.

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