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How to Store Inflatable Pool & Pool Floats

Don’t Miss Out on Fun and Adventurous Summer Activities – Take care of your Inflatable Pool

The time of the year is just around the corner when you put away all your cute-looking inflatable pools and those weird-shaped inflatable toys – the summer season is ending. Bye-bye inflatable pools, see you next year. But wait! Are you just deflating and throwing them in your storeroom? If you’re doing so, then you can get in deep trouble because your pool might get a big fat hole in it and there’s a strong chance of not enjoying the pool next summer.

Now you must be wondering, what is the right way to store the inflatable pool? No need to keep wondering because we are about to give a good insight into storing pools and toys. So stick by us till the end.

Why Should Inflatable Pools be Stored Properly?

That’s a valid question. You can certainly leave your pool exposed but prepare yourself for unwanted guests such as pests and debris all over your pool. Throwing pools can also make huge holes in them. Having said that, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy those summer pool parties anymore. So huge holes are a big NO!

You must store your inflatable pools and little pool floaties properly. Neglecting the inflatable pool for long can cause quite a lot of damage to them and even cost another pool. Who wants to spend more money? No one. So it’s better to do proper care of your summer essentials and store them in a good way.

Steps to Consider Before Storing Inflatable Pool

You must consider the following two steps before storing an inflatable pool.

Remove Water and Dry

Do you know that moisture is the favorite habitat of bacteria and fungi? To keep your pool safe from fungus and bacteria, it is mandatory to remove all of the water from your pool. To get the water out, you can place the pool under the sun for two days or so. You can also use a sponge, mob, paper towel, or any towel with a huge surface area to get this step right.

Decontaminate the Pool

After drying, sterilizing is another crucial step you should never overlook. A lot of you might think that drying is enough to get rid of bacteria and insects but let us tell you that it’s not. To make your pool long-lasting, it’s always a good idea to disinfect the pool. This way, bacteria won’t even come near your pool and other toys.

To disinfect, bleach solution or any cleaning liquid will perfectly do the job. All you have to do is spray or splash the solution all over the pool and then spread it properly through a rag. Another considerable disinfectant method is a vinegar solution. Just spray the vinegar over your pool and then scrub it thoroughly. Don’t forget to dry it again.

Here you go and your pool is ready to store

Three Ways to Store Inflatable Pool & Pool Floats

There’s no rocket science to storing inflatable pools and toys. The method is pretty simple. You have to be careful while deflating all parts. After deflating, roll and flatten each part of the pool. Don’t forget to label each part so you won’t find it difficult to assemble it next summer. But what to use for storing the pool and other cute little toys? We are going to share three storage methods

Storage Tote Boxes

Storage tote boxes are one of the great options to store your inflatable pool. Flatten all parts of your pool and keep them in the tote boxes. Make sure that all tote boxes are dry and well-sealed. Otherwise, moisture and any single open place can invite a lot of bacteria.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to keep one or two mothballs inside the box to make sure that pesticides don’t even come near the storage boxes. Keep these boxes out of children’s reach because you don’t want all of your summer equipment laying on the floor.

Large Trash Bin

A trash bin is another weird yet useful way to store your pool and other things. Use a trash bin as a huge storage bin. It’s not only convenient but saves space as well. Properly clean the bin first and then dry it out making sure that there’s not even a single drop of water. After, carefully place the flattened pool inside the bin and seal the lid tightly so no pest or insect enters inside. It’s recommended to use the new trash bin rather than using an old or abandoned trash bin. You don’t want your pool to smell foul and stinky.

Storage Unit

Is your storeroom huge enough for keeping all of your summer items such as inflatable pools, other floaties, hoses, pumps, and many more? No? If so, then the storage unit can come in handy. You can easily place most of your summer items with no worries. All you need to do is rent a storage unit and place your tote boxes and storage bin in the unit. All of your pool and other items will stay safe the whole winter.

What Would Happen if You Didn’t Store Your Inflatable Pool?

Can’t I just keep it in the storeroom without any precautionary measures? Well! you can but don’t bother thinking about using the same pool for next summer as well. Because a lot of things can happen with your inflatable pool. Such as:

Bacteria and fungus can grow their family inside the pool making it useless.
Pests and insects can get in your pool and there’s a good chance that your pool has two or three huge holes in it. Holes and inflatable items aren’t friends with each other at all.


The summer season is all about pool parties and fun activities, not having a good pool will make you miss incredible adventures. So, properly store your pool so that you can enjoy it next year. We went to great lengths to give you proper and mandatory knowledge about inflatable pool storage. No matter how busy you’re, take some time from your busy schedule and store your pool according to a method that suits you better. Happy Summer! Happy Fun!

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